Engaging, vibrant and imaginative workshops, exploring creative learning through the Expressive Arts. 

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'Your stories have made such an impact on our children, staff and parents. You have made learning so exciting for our pupils and they cannot wait until your next visit.' 

'Thank you so much for our Story Smash sessions today. Every member of staff has commented on how amazing it all was and the children have already created some wonderful stories!.'

Sprinkle our storytelling magic into your classroom.

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What's our focus? 

We provide creative and imaginative experiences for children in a vibrant, engaging way. We pride ourselves on delivering exciting educational workshops based around popular stories and themes, which can be experienced by all ages and abilities. At the heart of these workshops, lies a key focus on creative learning through the use of expressive arts. 

We are passionate about creative learning. We understand the enormous benefits it can have on a child's development, alongside their motivation to learn. Our workshops are designed to celebrate this and improve a wide number of skills for your learners including oracy, literacy, collaboration and confidence.

Here at Louby Lou's, we are experienced Creative Practitioners for Arts Council Wales. Having worked on fifteen Lead Creative Schools projects since 2018, which have been funded by the Welsh Government, we understand the importance of bringing creativity into the classroom. 


What do we offer?

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It is impossible for us to list all of the wonderful workshops we have available, but we have certainly tried our best.


We are an extremely creative bunch here at Louby Lou's, so we often design workshops and sessions based around your needs as a school.


If a topic, theme or workshop style isn't listed below, then please do get in touch, as the chances are we will be able to create something magical for you. 


Interactive Stories

Our most popular workshop.

These workshops allow your learners to fully immerse themselves into a story, theme or topic. Whether you are a preschool or KS2 teacher, our interactive stories take your pupils on a creative journey using props, role play, music and movement. The aim is to bring the story to life, so your pupils can physically participate and imaginatively explore with our storytellers.

Teachers use this workshop for immersion days, story exploration or to celebrate key dates in the school calendar. 

We have everything from Traditional Tales to Tudors, Make sure you hit the button below to see our full catalogue of options. 


Creative Writing: Story Smash

Story Smash is a fast paced, fun filled creative writing workshop. The aim is to 'smash out' an abundance of ideas that can inspire imaginative story making for further exploration in the classroom. Your storyteller will guide pupils through a series of engaging activities, that will seamlessly link together to create an individual story for each pupil, formed upon their own responses to the activity.


In order to achieve this, we give pupils a number of drawing challenges to music, imaginative games to get the brain juices flowing and a little bit of role play.

The whole class can participate in this workshop at the same time, no matter their ability. The session provides pupils with a collection of ideas that they can then use to create a story at their own pace. We often find that children have two things to worry about when taking on a creative writing task - what to write about and the physical task of actually writing. Our Story Smash provides children with a character, setting and plot - all they need to do is write.

Teachers use this workshop to inspire upcoming creative writing tasks, therefore Story Smash can be focused around a theme of your choice. 


Drama Workshops

Our fun filled drama workshops can bring to life your class based topics in a creative and engaging way. Our storytellers will lead your class through a collection of physical tasks and activities that embody collaboration, whilst exploring characters, role play and performance. 

We focus on how to use your voice and movement to depict a character, whilst including practical tips such as stage positioning and warm up games. We can focus the workshop around a specific theme, or we can simply provide some useful exercises and activities to help your pupils grow in confidence. 


Drama workshops are also available as CPD sessions. We facilitate a number of creative exercises that can be applied to the classroom. 


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Character / Theatre  Experiences 

Each year, we produce a number of theatrical experiences that tour across primary schools. These are targeted towards all ages and aim to provide an immersive experience that will leave your pupils bubbling with excitement. These experiences are varied and can take many forms including stage shows or story trails. 

We also provide certain characters to visit your school, that help enhance our interactive stories further. Such characters include Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood and our famous time traveller, Agatha Kipps. 

Our theatrical experiences are seasonal and pop up throughout the school year. This Summer term, we are bringing you 'The Bee Hive.'

The Bee Hive 

Stand up for your stripes and join our buzzing friends, as they embark on their World Pollination Tour across South Wales this Summer! These little bees are on a quest to save their species and they need your help. Let them land in your school grounds and spread their message through catchy songs, fun filled sketches and plenty of audience interaction! 

A non stop, 30 minute interactive performance that can take place in your outdoor grounds or forest school. Learn about the importance of bees in our ecosystem through the magic of live, outdoor theatre!

For further information on how to book this experience for your pupils, please email theatre@loubyloustories.com

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Build Your Own Experience

We like to think we have a natural flare for creating engaging content here at Louby Lou's and we love working with teachers to create the perfect learning experience for your pupils. 

If you are after something specific or perhaps a mixture of workshop styles, then we are the storytellers for you. 

Here is an example of how we helped to build an immersion day experience for Langstone Primary School.

Topic/Theme: Dyma Fy Yn Y Ty - This Is Me At Home

Year Group: Reception Pupils

Requests: Must have links to the local area, fairytale characters who have recognisable homes and a sprinkle of Welsh.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Experience: Little Red Riding Hood has just moved to Langstone. She needs help to find her way around the local area and to also read the Welsh signs. After imaginatively visiting key areas in the village, she then asks the learners to draw their front doors, so she can see her neigbours. 

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Say hello to Sarah (Louby Lou) and Alys!

These vibrant and fun storytellers are in charge of delivering our workshops across schools and nurseries. With over 13 years experience between them, your pupils are definitely in safe hands.